The (EM)powering media

Posted: April 22, 2016 in Uncategorized

Every time an interview is requested, a reporter calls, a camera crew is invited-it is a difficult decision to make. Media has power. Or should I say the ability to EMpower when done right. Yesterday I received an email from an acquaintance who saw a homeless man in his usually spot who looked like he had lost weight and had a mass on his abdomen and didn’t know who else to tell. Brett got a call from someone who just learned that her coworker was homeless and living out of her car and didn’t know who else to tell. Media sheds a light in places where is was dark. Or rather helps you see what you have been looking at everyday on your drive to work. And that is why sometimes we say yes. This movement is really about you and asking you to act in some way to take better care of each other. Thank you for answering the call.

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